Think you can complete eight tough (but short!) workouts in 10 days? 

Get the FREE workouts we used in the #DumbbellDomination Challenge!

All you need are a set of dumbbells and less than 20 minutes.   

NOTE: the Challenge is over for now, but you can still get the free workouts that we used! Make sure to confirm your email after registration in order to receive them! 


Get the FREE Workouts we used for the Challenge

The #DumbbellDomination Challenge runs Sept 5th - 14th. 
Here's how it works: 

Hi, I'm Jen Comas!

I'm so excited to have you on board for the #DumbbellDomination challenge! This is going to be a ton of fun with the added bonus of killer results. 

If you follow my work, you know that I'm a huge fan of short and intense workouts in order to create more time to enjoy life, and adventure! 

I've spent the last 11 years working  in the fitness industry, and understand how powerful consistency, accountability, and community are for success.  

You and I (and tons of other amazing ladies!) are in this together, and I couldn't be more excited to do this with you!

Questions? Just email me: